Ankle replacement can relieve pain, restore mobility

Kay Patton lived an active lifestyle until she fell from a ladder while doing yard work at her home and shattered her ankle. After the injury, she started seeing Dr. Sharrona Williams of Ortho Atlanta in Stockbridge, and the doctor rebuilt her ankle using bone grafts and screws.

Despite having a rebuilt ankle, Kay was still in pain, and Dr. Williams recommended Kay consider receiving the INBONE™ Total Ankle System. She explained that the goal of an ankle replacement is to preserve the functional motion in the patient’s ankle while ridding the patient of pain, and the implant is size-matched to the patient’s existing ankle according to their CT scan,

Kay decided to have the procedure done. She wanted to continue to live the active lifestyle she loved and not worry about her ankle anymore, and new technology such as the INBONE Total Ankle System have vastly improved outcomes for patients.

Kay was a candidate for a total ankle replacement, however, not all patients are. If a person is obese, has vascular issues or does hard labor, they might not be a candidate. By sharing her story, Kay hopes to help someone who is suffering from ankle pain and does not know total ankle replacement could be an option for them.

The opinions of Kay Patton and Dr. Sharrona Williams are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wright Medical.

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