Preoperative Navigation Guides

For use with INBONE, INFINITY, and INVISION™ Total Ankle Systems

Envision the ResultsTM

PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation Guides have ushered in a new era of total ankle arthroplasty. Through the combination of computer imaging and the patient’s own CT scan, a patient-specific preoperative plan is developed. Implant sizing and alignment are determined using the patient’s unobstructed anatomic landmarks and the surgeon’s preferences. PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation Guides are then created which set resection guide locations, reducing intraoperative steps to simplify surgery.

The FIRST and ONLY Preoperative Navigation for Total Ankle Arthroplasty.

PROPHECY Guide Benefits

PROPHECY guides provide the alignment accuracy of the traditional

Total Ankle System while reducing surgical and fluoroscopic steps allowing the potential for:

  • Less procedural complexity
  • Less fluoroscopy exposure for patients, surgeons, and staff
  • Reduced surgical time

The PROPHECY Process

Click on the circles for more information about each step. Contact your Wright Sales Representative for more information on how to get started using PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation in your total ankle practice.

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    1. CT Scan

    The patient receives a CT scan following the PROPHECY protocol.

    PROPHECY Preoperative Navigation Guides CT Scan Protocol – 008380B

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    2. Virtual Preoperative Alignment Performed

    Virtual preoperative alignment is performed according to surgeon preferences

How is Virtual Surgery Performed?



3. Surgical Plan Reviewed and Approved

The surgical plan is approved by the surgeon via the PROPHECY Guide website. The surgeon may alter the
plan if desired.


PROPHECY INBONE Preoperative Navigation System Sample Report – 012548A

Download PDF


PROPHECY INFINITY Preoperative Navigation System Sample Report – 010314A

Download PDF

PROPHECY INVISION Preoperative Navigation System Sample Report: Agility Revision – 016490A

Download PDF

PROPHECY INVISION Preoperative Navigation System Sample Report – 016491A

Download PDF


4. PROPHECY Guides Produced

Virtual preoperative alignment is performed according to surgeon preferences


PROPHECY Surface Match Technology

The PROPHECY guides are designed to match the patients anatomy and fit securely into position, setting resection guide locations according to component alignment determined preoperatively.


5. Surgery is Performed

Surgery is performed in accordance with the preoperative plan.

For the complete surgical techniques, refer to 011943 for PROPHECY INBONE, 011940 for PROPHECY INFINITY, and AP-000843 for PROPHECY INVISION.