Ankle Replacement

Real estate agent Lynette Parsons has suffered from ankle pain and arthritis since age 14. After being in pain for decades, walking with a cane and dreading stormy weather that made her ankle hurt even more, she wanted to find a solution. Lynette began interviewing a span of doctors in as far as Europe to explore her options until she met Dr. Jason Piraino of UF Health in Jacksonville, Fla. and learned that ankle replacement was her best option.

As a real estate agent, Lynette didn’t want her job to suffer, and with a total ankle replacement, her work didn’t skip a beat. Dr. Piraino explained that doctors take a CT or CAT scan, send the results to the manufacturer and the patient specific guides are created. He said the technology has greatly improved in the last 10 years. In fact, Lynette hardly missed work after the procedure and has been living pain-free ever since.

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