New ankle joint helps former OSU football player walk pain-free

Former Buckeye, Ken Seilkop, lived with crippling ankle pain after playing football for Ohio State under Woody Hayes. Ken still holds season tickets to the football games at Ohio, and he could barely walk from the car to the stadium and back. Furthermore, he took three Advil to walk to the stadium and three to walk back.

When Ken met Dr. John Linz of Mercy Health at Wellington Orthopedics, he was just hoping to walk without favoring his ankle for a little bit. The Wright Medical team was able to create a PROPHECY® Preoperative Navigation guide for Ken. After surgery and brief rehab, he can now walk completely without pain, and it is more than he ever expected.

The opinions of Dr. Linz and Ken Seilkop are theirs alone and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of Wright Medical.

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