New ankle restores Tulsan’s active life

Chris Dodder of Tulsa, Okla. first experienced ankle pain when he tore ligaments while playing soccer on worn out AstroTurf at the University of Tulsa in 1989. Dodder recalls, “If I stepped on a carpet wrong my ankle would roll. I never knew when I’d injure my ankle again.” After suffering from decades of pain and failed attempts to fully relieve his pain he reached his breaking point during a trip to Disney World. The 44 year old could barely keep up with his children due to the constant pain.

Through a connection with an old fraternity brother Dodder met Dr. Wesley Stotler at Tulsa Bone & Joint who introduced the idea of total ankle replacement with the INBONE® Total Ankle System. Ten days later Dr. Stotler replaced his left ankle with the INBONE® Total Ankle System. Chris was able to return to work and was thankful for his fraternity brother’s connection.

Chris is amazed by the progress he’s made at this point and for the new perspective. Before the surgery he worried about the pain associated with doing certain tasks, including coaching his children’s sports teams. Now, the pain that once held him back, is hardly a consideration.

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