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  • Surgery a breakthrough for those who need ankle replacement

    WOAI-TV, San Antonio, TX
    July 2, 2010

    Summary: This segment that aired on the NBC affiliate in San Antonio, Texas highlights INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement patient Ron Siliven and the improvement in his quality-of-life after his ankle replacement procedure. In fact, Ron states that his new ankle allowed him to dance with his wife for the first time in three years. Dr. Marvin Brown of The San Antonio Orthopaedic Group is also featured in the segment and notes that for many patients, INBONE® is an improvement on ankle fusion. | more

    • Ankle replacement is alternative to fusion

      St. Louis Globe-Democrat
      June 29, 2010

      Summary: In this June 29th article, Dr. Gary Schmidt of St. Louis explains how far the technological advances for ankle replacements have come over several decades as a viable option for patients suffering from ankle osteoarthritis. Dr. Schmidt discusses how the INBONE® Total Ankle System is his preferred treatment for severe ankle pain caused by arthritis. | more

      • New ankle has West Reading Woman dancing again

        Reading Eagle
        June 29, 2010

        Summary: This June 29th article, in the Reading Eagle, features double INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement patient Marjie Baer and her experiences with ankle osteoarthritis. Marjie explains the limitations she endured in her family and social life because of her arthritic ankles and how the INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement gave her back her life. | more

        • Put your best new foot forward

          NBC-4 Columbus, OH
          May 21, 2010

          Summary: This segment on total ankle replacements aired in May on the NBC affiliate in Columbus, Ohio. Reporter Marshall McPeek speaks with Dr. Thomas Lee’s patient, Tammy Cyrus, who shares her happiness at being able to once again enjoy activities that many people take for granted, such as shopping, cooking for her family and walking in the park. | more

          • Medical advancements in ankle replacement

            May 4, 2010

            Summary: Dr. Sanjay Gupta reports on how the INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement helped patient Timothy McAvoy return to golf and other activities that he had to quit due to ankle arthritis. Also in the story, Dr. Steve Brigido talks about how INBONE® ankle replacement has helped patients return to an active life style. The story was aired on nearly 80 local newscasts around the country, including the ABC affiliate in Austin, Texas. | more

            • Good news for bad ankles

              Saturday Evening Post
              May/June 2010

              Summary: This Saturday Evening Post article details how advancements in total ankle replacement technologies, including Wright’s INBONE® implant, are helping those with severe arthritis get back on their feet. Patients Jeanne St. John and Timothy McAvoy describe how severe arthritic pain in their ankles limited every aspect of their lives, and how the INBONE® total ankle has enabled them to return to their favorite hobbies and activities.

              • A new joint gains as a candidate for replacement

                New York Times
                anuary 19, 2010

                Summary: This January 19th New York Times article discusses the technological advancements and growing popularity of total ankle replacements. It also features an INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement patient Andrew Keaveney and commentary by Dr. Craig Radnay of the Insall Scott Institute for Orthopedics. The article details which patients are best candidates for the procedure as well as the improved success rates with improved design. Lifestyle benefits, such as a return to walking and golfing, are also mentioned as benefits of ankle replacement. | more

                • New ankle, new possibilities

                  South Bend Tribune
                  December 23, 2009

                  Summary:This article, in the South Bend Tribune, features INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement patient Harry Platt and his experiences with ankle osteoarthritis and ankle replacement surgery. Harry explains how his constant arthritic pain was limiting every aspect of his life and how the INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement is helping him return to all of the activities he loves.

                  • Ankle surgery makes Midlands woman’s dreams come true

                    December 21, 2009

                    Summary:This segment was featured on Columbia S.C. NBC affiliate WIS-TV 10, reported by Dawndy Mercer Plank on the December 21st 6 PM newscast on the daily “Health Alert”. Blythewood, S.C. resident and INBONE® Total Ankle patient Elizabeth Lucas is highlighted at her home demonstrating and speaking about the improvements to her quality of life upon receiving her total ankle replacement surgery. Dr. Robert Santrock of Midlands Orthopedics in Columbia, S.C. is also interviewed, showing the audience how he performed Elizabeth’s surgery. Mercer Plank captures Elizabeth’s thoughts about her surgery, “For a few minutes after my surgery, I had tears in my eyes, this surgery was a dream come true!” | more

                    • I feel like dancin’ : a local resident regains ankle mobility 32 years after a debilitating accident

                      The Blythewood Leader
                      October 8, 2009

                      Summary: This article profiles Blythewood, S.C. resident and INBONE® patient Elizabeth Lucas and her impressive return to complete ankle use after a debilitating injury 32 years ago. Elizabeth is now able to live an active life thanks to Dr. Robert Santrock at Midlands Orthopaedics in Columbia, S.C., who indicated that within a month of receiving INBONE® Total Ankle Replacement surgery, Elizabeth recovered 50 percent ankle mobility. Dr. Santrock explains, “We believe Elizabeth’s successful surgery demonstrates the succinct structure and longevity provided by INBONE® Total Ankle.”

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