Scott Quillen joined his brother for a mini bike test drive in March 2010 and fell off the bike, resulting in a shattered fibula and a compound dislocation of his right ankle. Although the rest of Scott’s leg healed after the accident, his ankle began causing him severe pain shortly after the accident. Scott’s pain became unbearable to the point that his quality of life was at zero, and he discussed the option of amputation with a fellow veteran who underwent the procedure to determine if it would be the best option for him.

A couple of years after the accident, Scott met another ankle pain sufferer at a tag sale, and she told Scott to meet Dr. Collin Ball in London to discuss a total ankle replacement, which she had just underwent. Scott immediately scheduled an appointment with Dr. Ball, and the doctor decided that Scott met the requirements for candidacy to receive a new total ankle replacement for his right foot. Dr. Ball explained that not everyone is a candidate for total ankle replacement, but three years later Scott is still living a full life and is able to enjoy the outdoor activities that he enjoys and missed those years that he suffered from the severe ankle pain.

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