Surgery to replace ankle means new life for Palm Coast woman

Janet Kinser broke her right leg and ankle more than 20 years ago in a roller skating accident, and although her leg healed, her right ankle deteriorated over the years to the point of severe constant pain from bone-on-bone rubbing. Eventually, Janet couldn’t enjoy the outdoor activities she enjoyed most because of the pain, and she decided to seek help.

Dr. Corey Rosenbaum of Florida Hospital Flagler in Palm Coast performed the hospital’s first total ankle replacement on Janet’s right ankle last fall. After the procedure, Janet had no pain in her ankle and now walks and exercises outside free of pain. Dr. Rosenbaum explained that with better implant technology, he is now able to conduct the procedure more easily and that the main goal of the replacement is to reduce the patient’s pain, improve mobility and improve stability in the ankle joint.

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